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Get Bank Owned Property Listings

We have a current list of REO
asset management companies including:

The REO market is still strong. The asset managers are still seeking good brokers for their REO listings. Currently, most banks are using asset management companies to list and sell their REO properties. For example, Bank of America, Chase Bank, Countrywide and Wells Fargo do not directly list their own properties - they use Asset Management companies for their REO listings.

We have an updated list of portals where you can register
with REO companies seeking brokers to sell their listings.

Also included are lists of REO forums, currently recommended
training programs and advice on setting up your REO resume.

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Our Disclosure: There are no secret lists.
You can find all this information online for free, if you know where to look and search long enough. We offer this edited list, based on our successful REO experience, along with our recommendations to make your applications successful. So stop searching, get our list, and get registered for REO listings!


How to get REO listings:
First, you need to get registered with the major Banks and Asset Management companies to receive REO listings in your market area. Banks and mortgage lenders are still seeking local real estate brokers to list their properties. Mostly, this is because of a high level of dissatisfaction with some of their current listing agents. In fact, many current REO brokers have complained that the asset manager drops them for very small issues. Have you ever tried to submit an offer on an REO listing and never heard back? Poor service levels are common and the companies hear about them. Asset management companies often cancel non performing brokers and assign their listing to new brokers in the area.

It is still common for a real estate broker to have 50 + active listings from the various banks and REO asset managers they have a relationship with. You can build a very successful business based on REO listings. Brokers using this list are averaging 1o - 15 new listings per month.

Updated in January, 2013 this is a very current list of available REO registration portals. These are where the majority of all new REO listings are coming from today.

Just $39- Gets You The Full REO Registration Directory!

Background info:
We are a successful brokerage in a small south east market. We list a lot of bank REO's simply because we registered with as many companies as we could find. Some we never heard back from and others started giving us listings. Over the past year we have refined our REO registration list nicely.

So, why are we sharing this list? Simple; asset managers only assign REO listings within 25 miles of an agents office. In addition, they usually limit the number of active listings they give to any one broker to about 10. Thus, we can only use this list within our small marketing area. We are happy to sell the information to brokers in other markets for just $49- payable online. You will be able to download our list immediately after your payment clears. (usually within one minute) In addition, a copy of the list is sent to your e-mail address.

Getting started in the REO properties business can have great rewards. Just follow the instructions from each company on our list and register to be one of their brokers in your local market area.  Listing commissions range from 2.3% to 6 %.

Current Success Stories:

12 REO closings in August, 2012
- John D.  Phoenix market

8 REO closings in July, 2012
  - Amy J.  Orlando market

7 REO closings in February, 2012
  - Mike K.   Dallas market

You can immediately begin registering on the various websites and portals of the major asset management companies. This is how REO Asset Managers will find you. Being registered on their sites is now the standard way to be considered for their new listings in your local area.

Just be prepared to handle multiple listings and negotiations of REO homes.

Terms and Conditions:
We offer a current list of most of the top REO websites and contacts for just $39-. You are responsible for registering with them. If you find any changes or new contacts please let us know. We will include them in our next update and send it to you at no charge. All purchases are strictly non refundable. We do not sell or use your e-mail address for any purpose, other than delivery of the list.


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We wish you great success in the REO properties market !

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